Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Target

I think it took courage to write my personal target 2012 here because people will definitely ask what we plan and promise.... but yeah these plan need some challenge and effort to prove.....

- life
  • launch my clothingline ..... soon
  • make money run with some business ( i dont need to mention what exactly this about but its a first step to reach the financial freedom *amin*)
  • join and active in a community (need research and make some overview about the option)
  • improve my english with join toastmaster class (thanks for @nandaNovita to explain this community)
- spiritual
  • marriage !!! in my 1st priority of the year
  • join and active in Islamic focus group discussion in office
  • maintain and upgrade the silahturahim with friend (quality time with my college friend minimal 1 times in a month...yeah its low target but its make sense based on my overwhelmed duty )
  • 4kg less for ideal weight
  • maintain the 5 magic rules
  • minimal 3 times in a week for exercise

see you in July to evaluation those plan

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